Bulk Affiliated

Bulk Affiliated Is One Of That Pltform Where You Can Earn Unlimited Just By Making Good Use Of Your Free Time.


no pressure work

You Are Your Own Boss. You May Work On Your Mood Whenever You Want.

Choosen Location

Act Like A Free Bird. Whenever And Wherever You Want. Either Digital Or Physically.

unlimited earning

Don’t Depend On Few Amount Of Salary. When You Can Earn As Much As You Want.

Unemployment Ends Here.

We Are Offering Freelncing, Part-Time, Full-Time As Well As Whole Time Jobs And Career Opportunity. No Matter What A Degree You Have In A Paper. We Provide Equal Chances To All Of You. If You Believe Yourself And Really Looking For Earning Opportunity Then You Are In Absulity Right Place.

How We Works

We Do Collbortion With Multiple Businesses & Organaztions And Specially Work For Their Promotion & Branding. We Specially Provide Digital Services For Support To Them And Also Working For Effective Physical Mrketing On Their Target Area For Refer Costumer To Them.

How To Start Earning

Simply Choose Any One Entry Gate By Submiting Required Things. You Will Get Our Call Back Within 24 Hour After Receiving Your Application. After That Our Tem Will Guide You About Your Work.


Instant Pymnet For Every Task.



* Paid Commission As Per As Companies Rules On The First Day Of The Month.
* Schemes & Offer Provided
* Award Provided
* Can Be Promoted To Agency Manager

Agency Manager

* Basic Salary
* Commission As Per As Companies Rules
* Team Bonus
* Schemes & Offer
* Award
* Life-Long Career Opportunity
* Promotion & More..


* Salary
* Commission
* Team Bonus
* Scheme / Offer
* Award & Other
* Promotion
*  Life-Long Career Opportunity


* Salary
* Commission
*  Bonus
* Promotion
* Career
* PF
* Insurnce
& many More As Per As Companies Rules

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