Job Vacancy For Virtual Assistant

Job Vacancy For Virtual Assistant

Hello Everybody !
I am looking for some virtual assistant for myself. Who help me in my work. My company collaborates with different companies.
And the companies with which my company collaborates, My entire team also works digitally and physically to promote their business.

Right now I need to hire, train and manage a lot of virtual employees.
For this, first of all, I would like to hire some virtual assistant near me.


Manage HR:
-You will provide basic training by hiring candidates, from vacancy announcement.
*Feedback Report:
-You have to deal with related clients for the service of my company. and from there you’ll submit clients’ feedback to me,
In which, All the things that need to be updated in the service of my company should be mentioned.
Schedule Management:
– Meeting with new and old staff, training, and meeting with clients, employee webinars, physical tour packages for employees, You have to manage the timetable for everyone.

I want quality in the candidate, not in two emerald papers.